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Celebrate, Inspire And Unify Your People Using The Power Of MUSIC!

Feel the power of your group, using a cooperative, non-competitive activity where anyone can participate regardless of age, race or position within your organisation.

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Interactive Drumming

Celebrate, Inspire & Unify groups Using Using The Power Of The Drum!

When you’re looking for team building ideas, African Drumming is highly effective and easily brings people together! You will be surprised to learn that Group Drumming has evolved

No musical training required!

With absolutely no musical training required, We create very simple rhythm and musical parts that, when put together, sound amazing.

"It was fantastic as always! You guys are so reliable, well organized and professional and I can’t wait until our next event!"

Interactive Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot dancing is all about bringing people together.

Interactive gumboot dancing unleashes energy to any event. We provide each person with a pair of gumboots. The Drumsound team will teach your group basic dance routines, and within a few minutes the group will be grooving and stomping together.

"The team has learnt a great deal about themselves, each other, their roles within the department and what impact each of them have on their colleagues. We are definitely a stronger, more enthusiastic team after our workshop with Drumsound."

Move & Groove
Interactive Dancing

This is the perfect team building activity where you want to illustrate complete company cohesion. Create a team that will be TOP OF THE CHARTS!

Move&Groove will bring any team together using some well developed dance routines. We bring our in-house Dj and all the sound equipment needed to get the teams motivated to have fun. Our talented dance facilitators will get everyone smiling, moving and grooving.

"We cannot stop talking on how much of fun we had and how this team building exercise has actually brought us closer to each other as a group."


Unique Plastic Tubes Provide A High Impact And Extremely Visual Corporate Activity, Transform Your Team Into A Colourful Orchestra With  Fun Boomwhacker Team Building session.

Our charismatic facilitator will have everyone engrossed, with up to five different rhythm parts playing as one. Your room will be dramatically transformed into a colourful boomwhacker orchestra, evolving from a theatrical introduction to a multi-layered middle section and, ultimately, to a roof-raising finale!