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Celebrate, Inspire And Unify Your People Using The Power Of the drum! Feel the power of your group, using a cooperative, non-competitive activity where anyone can participate regardless of age, race or position within your organisation.

Music transcends all boundaries: personal, organizational or cultural. This unifying drumming experience with Drumsound Events creates the perfect platform for teams to experience the power of all working together to achieve a common objective.

What you achieve?

  • Have your group or staff work more efficiently together
  • Departments start communicating better
  • Break down barriers between the group or staff
  • Level the field and close the gap between top management and workers
  • Motivate your group or staff to perform better and increase productivity

What are the benefits?

  • Music encourages teamwork, creativity, and collaboration
  • Playing a rhythm reduces stress and boosts the immune system
  • Improves morale and increases productivity
  • Reduces burnout and increases employee retention

Drumsound Events are great for:

  • Team building, get-a-ways, product launches
  • Group or staff development, trainings & retreats
  • Onsite/offsite business meetings
  • Corporate entertainment & celebrations
  • Conference keynotes & ice-breakers

Drumming together is simple, fun, accessible, and effective!

Entertainment for every occasion

High Energy entertainment will get you into the groove!

Absolutely no musical experience required!

Imagine a powerful drumming styled orchestra, this is what Drumsound Events will create with your group. Everyone will get to play along with an authentic African Djembe drum.

There is nothing better than Interactive Drumming. It will motivate, inspire and unite your staff and departments within minutes. Everyone gets to create and enjoy the exciting fun and laughter while working toward common goals. We all have a unique beat, Drumsound Events will help find that beat creating synergy and find the harmony within your team.

Whether your group numbers from 5 people or 500, our amazing facilitators will take your group on a highly-entertaining and memorable drum journey – learning a new skill with awesome, fun team building included.

From 15 minutes up to 1 hour, it can be customised as you need

Ideal for group size of 5 – 5000

Teamwork, Communication, Cohesion, Listening Skills and Fun

Light to medium

Suitable for both outdoor and Indoor areas.

Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Communication, Effective Stress Relief, Positive Team Building, Enjoyable Ice Breakers, Increase Productivity, Reduce Employee Absences, Build Self-esteem

Boost Brain Power, Increase Focus, Get Fit, Develop Confidence, Improve Communication Skills

Drumsound Events

Craig Willis
+27 63 447 7282

Hodia, Derby Drive
South Africa
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